The multinational company BRALO, S.A., a national leader in the manufacture of fixing systems, launches its website in Russian. More modern and functional, a website for companies from different sectors as well as distribution costumers.

The objective of the company is to provide added value to Russian consumers and show the offer not only of products, but of integral solutions for specialized companies in each sector, construction, automotive, renewable energy and distribution are some of the industries where the company operates.

This clear vocation of orientation to the client is the base to create a cover with sectorial segmentation and thus to improve the identification by activities of the users. The “Responsive” design guarantees its display on mobiles and tablets; the usability and practicality of the web help companies to agile navigation in the search of information, getting a service attitude and a customer orientation, some of the values that Bralo maintains as target of more than 35 years of experience.

The complexity and variety in the products of fixations, rivets, rivet nuts and special pieces, has moved them to create a Product Selector, offering a first help to the user to select the rivet or suitable nut depending on the material to be fixed.

BRALO, S.A., increases communication with users and transmits information quickly and easily; brochures, manuals, technical information and catalogues, are the services that stand out on the web, offering a better customer service.

The Russian website is just one more example of the company’s continuous improvement to meet the needs of customers. BRALO is committed to its online presence with its website and corporate social networks, it is an organization in continuous growth, provides the highest quality of service, has ten branches, production plants on three continents and customers in more than sixty countries.