The new range of riveting tools BNT is the Bralo’s answer to the high requirements of their customer needs in different sectors and industries. A range of five tools which are characterized by their simplicity, allowing an easy and quick maintenance.

Robust, reliable, and the lightest on the market.

Each one of these tools has, internally, the most reliable and robust spare parts, designed to reduce the number of repairs needed in their lifetime; the body is made in forge of tempered aluminium, which gives them more strength and durability; and the other materials together achieve a design with a stable centre of gravity and balance.

One of the customer demand is about the weight, requirement in the automotive industry and assembly lines. That is why Bralo, thanks to the improvement in the materials, has reduced the weight of every single riveting tool of the BNT range, ranking as the lightest riveting tools in the market.

If we talk about its external characteristics, all tools have a gum base highly resistant, that provides stability after use.

Silent and comfortable.

The BNT riveters feature an ergonomic grip, which provides operators with more comfort during use. Materials and design also reduce the level of tool vibration giving greater comfort and avoiding potential operator injury.

New transparent mandrel collectors have also been designed to allow timely emptying and avoid jamming, which is one of the most commonly encountered problems among users.

Savings and efficiency

BRALO BNT riveters also include an adjustable suction valve which, depending on the application, can be activated or not thus achieving energy savings – improving tool down time and speeding up production. The valve would be used when, against the effect of gravity, it is required that the rivet is subjected in the nozzle. In addition, this system can graduate depending on the weight of the rivet, achieving a saving of compressed air.

On its outside, it has an integrated valve that cuts aspiration achieving that all the introduced pressure is used exclusively for the riveting process. These riveters do not waste the air in other mechanisms, such as the recovery, or the suction of the rivet, and thanks to this valve, 100% of the possible force is obtained.

Wide range for different applications

The range of BNT riveters covers a wide variety of riveting requirements:

  • BNT-1 BNT-1 for standard aluminium or steel rivets from 3mm – 3.2mm – 4mm.
  • BNT-2 BNT-2 for long stem S-trebol and peeled rivets.
  • BNT-3 para 4,8 mm de acero e inoxidable y 4,8 Estructural.
  • BNT-4 BNT-3 for 4.8mm stainless steel and structural rivets.
  • BNT-5 BNT-4 for 6.4mm Hard Lock, 6mm Hard Grip, 6.4mm steel and 4.8mm structural rivets.
  • BNT-5 for 6.5mm structural and 7.7mm S-trebol rivets.


The R&D department has made a constant effort to provide each riveter with an optimized career and a suitable drive force in any of these hydro-pneumatic tools.

The BNT riveters are approved for the most demanding industries, as automotive, construction, infrastructure, ventilated facades, appliances, or solar panels. These tools provide a high performance result where a professional and quality riveting is required.