BRALO has launched its new range of battery riveting tools BET (Bralo Electronic Tool), providing a great autonomy, versatility and efficiency to the industry, offering a complete solution without cable to meet the fastener needs of the customers, both with rivets or with insert nuts.


Speed and power.

With a system of interchangeable batteries of 2.0Ah and 4.0Ah, and only one charger, the range of BET riveting tools achieves a high speed of work, together with a high power to cover a wide range of applications in standard rivets, Structural rivets, S- Trebol or Lockbolts, as well as for insert nuts up to M12.

Safety and ergonomics.

The BET range of riveting tools has a battery life indicator with LED lights to show the battery charge level, a transparent mandrel collector with quick emptying of the mandrel container to offer greater safety and cleaning of the work area, as well as a reinforced piece for a safe ejection of mandrels.
Its hanging ring makes it especially suitable for use in assembly lines. It has a balanced and ergonomic design, and a high sensitivity trigger to achieve a fast and quality riveting. Its ergonomic handle provides a secure and comfortable grip for the operator in any application.

Comfort and portability.

BRALO’s BET range of riveting tools is very easy to use and maintain. Its battery system provides the necessary freedom to access outdoor applications where it is difficult to reach with a pneumatic riveter, or simply benefit from the convenience of not being tied to a cable. Its balanced and ergonomic design provides a conformable use of the tool, with hardly any noise or vibrations, protecting the operator.

Wide range of tools to meet all the applications.

The new range of BET riveters covers a wide range of riveting requirements

  • BET-1 for standard rivets in any material from 2.4 up to 5.0 mm, and Hardgrip up to 4.0 mm.
  • BET-2 for rivets from 4.0 to 6.4 mm, Structural up to 6.5 mm.
  • BET-3 for rivets S-Trebol from 5,2 up to 7,7 mm.
  • BET-4 for Bralock lockbolts of 6,5 mm.
  • BET-N for insert nuts from M3 up to M12.
  • BET-0 for hexagonal holes up to M12.

BET riveting tools are especially suitable for the most demanding industries, such as construction, infrastructure, ventilated facades, household appliances, solar panels, automotive, etc., and confer high performance where professional riveting and quality is required.

Bralo, an innovative multinational with a global presence.

The multinational company offers fastening solutions and is characterized by being a company of technological innovation, that offers customized attention, designing solutions together with the client, as special cold stamping parts in different materials, measures and finishes. Its quality standards are based on the ISO 9001 and IATF-16949 standards, as well as the ISO 14001 environmental standard.

With a production of more than 3,600 million pieces a year, BRALO has the widest range of rivets in the market, with twelve categories of rivets, among which the standard rivets, multigrip, peeled, trebol, sealed, structural; as well as cylindrical, grooved, hexagon and half hexagon insert nuts, and manual, pneumatic and battery riveting tools.

The firm BRALO has three production plants in Spain, Mexico and China; and has an extensive commercial network formed by nine branches located in Germany, the United Kingdom, Italy, Portugal, France, Turkey and the Czech Republic. Its clients extend to more than 60 countries, being BRALO a reference of quality.