Hardvex Rivet

Hardvex Rivet is a high-strength fastener system and can be used to replace several standard grip fasteners.

Our Hardvex rivet is synonymous with versatility. It is a fastener element made of an aluminium alloy that allows working with a great variety of grip ranges.

Due to its fastening feature of wide expansion on the blind side, the load and torque forces are well distributed. It is, therefore, especially suitable for working with plastics and thin metal sheets and it is often used for repairing.

Bralo Hardvex Rivet ensures a homogeneous fastening, a firm and high quality joint that is resistant to all kinds of vibrations. Furthermore, when properly fastened, it provides a tight seal against weather conditions.

Features and benefits
  • Multigrip feature. It allows working with a great variety of grip ranges. With just two sizes a wide grip range of 1 to 16 mm. is covered, reducing thus the rivet inventory.
  • Single-side access.
  • Mandrel locking feature, avoiding electric problems or pounding.
  • Good filled of the hole. It allows to compensate uneven, misaligned, oversized or grooved drills.
  • Versatility. Just one size replaces the grip range of several standard items.
  • Wide bearing area on the blind side, making it especially suitable to be used for applications with thin sheets and for repairing.
  • Solid and high quality fastening, resistant to all kinds of vibrations.
  • It requires simple, fast and lightweight tools.
Materials to be fixed
  • Metal to Metal
  • Metal to Plastic
  • Plastic to Plastic
  • Metal rear sheets
  • Automitive industry
  • Commercial and industrial vehicles
  • Electronics
  • Air Conditioning and Heating
  • Construction
  • Metal industry
  • Metal furniture
  • Electrical appliances
  • Ladder manufacturing
Technical characteristics

Materials: Steel

Diameters: 4.8 mm. y 6.4 mm.

Heads: Dome and large Heads.

Name Body Mandrel Dome Large Countersunk
Steel Steel