Soft materials Rivets

Fastener element that guarantees a firm and safe joint in low resistance materials, such as plastic or wood.

Bralo Soft Material Rivets are breaking-mandrel blind rivets. Their mandrel controlled force makes them ideal for the fastening of soft or brittle materials.

They provide excellent torque values and are available in a 3.5 Aluminium / Magnesium alloy that increases their tensile and shear strengths.

Features and benefits
  • Single-side access (blind rivet).
  • It can be fixed from both ends.
  • Ideally used in applications with soft materials or low resistance materials (plastics, fibre, wood).
  • It does not deform surfaces after the riveting process is finished painted, glazed surfaces.
  • Good resistance to temperature variations.
  • Available in a 3.5 magnesium alloy.
  • Fast, high quality and reduced cost assembly.
  • The riveting process is environmentally friendly, free of smoke, sparks, fumes, etc.
  • It requires simple, fast and lightweight tools.
Materials to be fixed
  • Metal to plastic
  • Metal to wood
  • Metal to fiberglass
  • Metal to soft materials and low resistance materials in generall
  • Plastic to plastic
  • Plastic to soft materials and low resistance materials in general
  • Furniture
  • Packaging
  • Containers
  • Construction work
  • Work with plastic or with PVC
  • Plastic components in genera
Technical characteristics

Materials: Aluminium

Diameters: 4.0 mm., 4.8 mm. y 5.0 mm.

Heads: Dome.

AluminumLacquering, anodising and organic coating.(Delta Seal
Name Body Mandrel Dome Large Countersunk
SOFT MATERIALS Aluminium Steel