Trebol Rivet

Aluminium alloy fastener element with a large bearing area in the shape of a clover. It is ideal for applications with soft materials or those with a low resistance to pressure.

  The S-trebol rivet needs a special nosepiece for its use. See the guide.

Bralo Trebol Rivet is a break-mandrel blind rivet designed for the fastening, in a fast and simple way, of rigid materials to soft or low resistance materials.

This rivet is provided with a big counter head in the shape of three double parts offering a large contact area on the blind side. This large expansion on the blind side distributes the load and the clamping force, reducing the risk of crushing and the material breaking.

The S-Trebol version provides additional resistance to both traction and shear and can be used in oversized drills because its expansion is adaptable. It also has a neoprene washer that provides excellent sealing results.

The S-Trebol rivet has the DIBt approval (Deutsches Institut Für Bautechnic).

Features and benefits
  • Single-side access (blind rivet).
  • The formation of a large counter-head in the shape of three double parts offers a large clamping area with a good distribution of the force on the blind side.
  • Ideally used in applications involving soft or low resistance materials (plastic, fibre, wood).
  • It can be used in oversized drills.
  • Multi gripfeature. Just one size can be used to replace several standard rivets.
  • It can be adapted to big variations in the grip ranges of the materials to be fixed.
  • Highresistance to corrosion.
  • It covers a wide variety of grip ranges, from 0.8 mm to 16 mm.
  • Mandrel locking system, avoiding electrical problems or pounding.
  • Available in an aluminium alloy with a 2.5 and 3.0 Magnesium.
  • Fast, reduced cost and high quality assembly.
  • It requires simple, fast and lightweight tools.
Materials to be fixed
  • Metal to Plastic
  • Metal to Wood
  • Metal to fiberglass
  • Metal to soft materials and low resistance materials in general
  • Plastic to plastic
  • Plastic to soft materials and low resistance materials in general
  • Plastic industry
  • Wood industry
  • Automotive
  • Caravans
  • Prefabricated houses
  • Trailers
  • Plastic or PVC carpentry
  • General plastic components
Technical characteristics

Materials:  Aluminium

Diameters: Trébol: 4.0 mm., y 4.8 mm. / S-Trébol: 5.2 mm, 6.4 mm y 7.7 mm

Heads: Dome and Large Heads.

AluminiumLacquering, anodising and organic coating.
Name Body Mandrel Dome Large Countersunk