The rivet manufacturer BRALO, will attend fairs again in 2021 to strengthen its relationship with customers and improve its global positioning.

With the aim of continuing to meet customer needs, the rivet supplier decides to exhibit at two trade fairs in the United Kingdom.


    • The Commercial Vehicle Show, the most important road transport event from August 31 to September 2 is the first stop:

      BRALO is a specialist in fasteners for the automotive sector and, therefore, offers the best high-strength rivets for commercial or industrial vehicles.


      Some examples of these fasteners are the Structural rivet, the G-Bra rivet and the Hardlock rivet, without forgetting the special parts of our own manufacture.

      All of them are used in demanding applications such as structures, bodies, platforms, hinges, elevators, guides, tarpaulins and also indoors.

    • The Subcon Show, is the premier outsourcing manufacturing supply chain fair that will take place from September 14 to 16.

      This highly relevant event for the manufacturing and engineering industry is therefore an opportunity for BRALO as a supplier.

      The fastener manufacturer will show the latest in rivets in addition to the new fast and highly reliable riveting machines for assembly lines.



The manufacturer of fixings BRALO has its factories in Spain, Mexico and China; and due to its high customer orientation, it manages to distribute internationally.

That is why it has distributors around the world and 10 delegations in the main countries of Europe.

The BRALO UK delegation being in charge of the Birmingham fairs and therefore, he will attend to the visitors to know the needs of the market.


Closeness to the customer has always been one of the most important values, in this way, the manufacturer of fastaners stands out for its development of customized special parts.

Thanks to the technical advice of professionals with more than 40 years of experience, the multinational is therefore able to position itself as a benchmark in all sectors.

The company based in Spain offers a full consulting service:

From the customised fixing design, the development, testing, a production service under quality certificates and finally  a continuous customer contact.

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