Continuity of activities at BRALO to address COVID-19

Dear Customers and Suppliers,

We are contacting you to inform you that as a result of the entry into force of the RD 463/2020 of 14th of March and declaring the State of Alarm in Spain, BRALO has activated the necessary mechanisms to continue providing all our services within a scenario of operational continuity.

It is our responsibility to ensure, in all work activities, the safety of people, as well as to ensure the continuity of the business activity, mitigating the social and economic impact during this period of special difficulty, as it follows from the spirit of the Royal Decree.

The limitation on the free movement of persons set out in the Royal Decree provides for an exception to the requirement of movement to the workplace in order to perform the work. Therefore, and being aware of the responsibility we have towards our customers, suppliers and workers, we wish to convey to them the main mechanisms of continuity that we have agreed upon:

· Our factory and commercial office will remain operative guaranteeing the service to our clients, the security of our employees and respecting at all times the established norms and protocols.

· As proposed in Article 8 of the RD, BRALO has taken the necessary steps to implement teleworking in parallel with the operation of our offices.

· All our workers have been accredited with the necessary document that enables mobility and access to their work place.

· The teams in our commercial offices and factories abroad maintain active contact with workers in the head office, in Spain, guaranteeing their safety and availability in order to respond to the needs of the clients and the agreed commitments.

These measures are intended to help you guarantee the continuity of your business activities, wherever you need us and aware of the changes at the moment. We will continue working to strengthen the protocols for future scenarios.

If you have any questions, your usual contact at BRALO will be at your disposal to resolve them through the usual channels.

Receive our cordial greeting.

Daniel Suárez

Managing Director