As a leading provider of systems for fastening and assembly technology also as an international service provider, BRALO has been a recognized partner for automotive manufacturers and their suppliers for more than 35 years. We are manufacturers of rivets, rivet nuts and special parts by cold stamping, with the automotive sector being 50% of our production. We specialize in several product lines, such as components for bodywork, chassis and mechanisms.

The constant change and the demands of the sector, leads us to focus on values such as durability, passive safety, recyclability, and to develop innovative production processes with more resistant materials, offering to our customers our service for customized design.

Quality and R&D

BRALO has an innovative line of Visual Inspection Machines that perform product quality control without the possibility of error. The production is controlled by effective equipment with a system of cameras that allow to measure the geometry of the elements with 100% accuracy of the pieces.

In addition to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001, BRALO has the main certifications in the automotive sector, such as IATF 16949, a standard obtained by BRALO since 2007.

Logistic services

From the personalized service with a follow-up of the whole development, to the transport and reception of the material and customer feedback. All with the aim of being part of the organizational processes and strategies of the TIER or the OEM, through the “Just in time” method, synchronizing the production of BRALO, with the manufacturer of the sector, minimizing the loss of value of the unnecessary stock.

BRALO uses EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) communication with standardized messages from an application, a safer and more reliable method for handling information.

Main applications


  • Cockpit dashboard: Trebol rivet, Multigrip, large head Multigrip, Hardgrip, BSR and sealed rivets. Black anodized rivets.
  • Airbag structure: standard rivet, countersunk head.
  • Electric windows: sleeves.
  • Front end: Steel grooved insert nuts with large head.
  • Seat structures: Multigrip, Steel rivets, Hardgrip and Hardlock.
  • Seat frame: Multigrip, speed rivets BSR.
  • Door modules: Multigrip, grooved rivets.
  • Crash management system: insert nuts.
  • Structure components: insert nuts.
  • Chassis structure: structural rivets, insert nuts.

  • Mudguard: Hardlock.
  • Weel arch: Multigrip.
  • Registration plate: Peeled rivet