Distribution & DIY

BRALO offers different formats adapted to the distribution channel, as well as advisory services and implementation of customized displays and lines according to the requirements of each client.

Special packaging for distribution:

Industrial box:

  • High quality and durable cardboard to support the weight of the metal.
  • Quantity of rivets adapted to the needs of the industry.
  • Two sizes of inner boxes, both stackable in shelves.
  • External label for easy recognition of the rivet.


  • More than 150 references.
  • Visually attractive design for hardware stores.
  • Easy replenishment and small format for the end user.
  • Carton box of 10 blister designed to be used also as desktop display.
  • Blister to hang on hook.


  • More than 150 references.
  • Specialized packaging in a small amount of product.
  • Format intended for hanging on a standard hook.
  • Label design with complete information.
  • Easy replenishment on hook and quick product display.

We personalize your business

We make your display to save space in your warehouse, ease of access to the product and easy control of the replacements.

Implementation process:

Types of display stands:

  • Stand mixte (ref.51007019): Various assortments: It contains a hook space with blisters or miniboxes; a shelf with industrial product and with riveters.
  • Stand industrial (ref.51007017): It contains five spaces to place industrial boxes.
  • Stand DIY (ref.51007018): It contains 10 manual BM-75 riveters and blister or miniboxes references.

Personalized display racks according to your needs:

  • We make better use of the presentation space.
  • We help the purchase motivation.
  • Free advice service.
  • We adapt to whatever measurement.