Renewal energies

Solar photovoltaic and solar thermal

BRALO has created fastening solutions for the renewable energy sector, achieving a wide variety of options for installing solar module structures. Bralo structural rivets are designed for the most demanding applications, where exceptional resistance is required, both traction and shear. Quick and easy to install, they provide unalterable and long-lasting joints.

Main applications:

  • Solar module structures.
  • Plates in solar thermal plant.
  • Solar photovoltaic energy plants.

Benefits of the structural rivet for applications in solar photovoltaic:

  • High resistance to traction and shear.
  • Designed for more demanding applications where exceptional resistance to high loads is required.
  • Quick and easy to install.
  • Multi-thickness behaviour. They are rivets of universal use, that can be used in applications of different thickness, reducing the inventory of rivets. With only two measurements, a thickness range of 1 to 16 mm is covered.
  • Great tightness. The joints are completely fluid-tight and achieve a homogeneous riveting.
  • Good filling of the drill through a radial expansion of the rivet. Allows to compensate for uneven, misaligned, oversized and grooved holes.
  • Resistant to vibrations by internal blockage of the mandrel. They offer a great tolerance to vibrations or tapping thanks to the effective retention of the mandrel.
  • Long durability in engineering applications eliminating problems of tightening torque and avoiding loosening problems.