Grooved Rivet

Aluminium alloy fastener element, suitable for applications with blind drills. The Bralo Grooved Rivet guarantees great grip efficiency.

The Bralo Grooved Rivet constitutes an effective and safe method of joining metal to smooth and fibrous surfaces. This fastener does not need through drills. The grooved mandrel head, when expanding inside the material, forms a kind of “clips” that take hold of the walls, providing a high resistance joint.

This is a mandrel-break kind of rivet widely used in the manufacturing of furniture and in the construction industry to fasten metal surfaces to wood, bricks or cement.

Bralo Grooved Rivet ensures a homogeneous riveting, a solid and high quality joint, that is highly resistant to corrosion, vibrations and extraction.


Features and benefits
  • Acceso por una sola cara.
  • No necesita taladros pasantes.
  • Se pueden unir distintos materiales, con distintos tipos de fabricación: compuestos, materiales laminados, tratados térmicamente, etc.
  • No deforma las superficies una vez remachadas (pintadas, esmaltadas, etc.).
  • Buen comportamiento frente a los incrementos de temperatura.
  • No se afloja por acción de solicitaciones dinámicas (vibraciones en general) y tiene una gran resistencia a la extracción.
  • Montaje rápido, sencillo y de gran calidad.
Materials to be fixed
  • Metal to Wood
  • Plastic to construction materials in general (cement, bricks, etc.).
  • Boulding Construction
  • Metal industry
  • Furniture manufacturing
  • Electrical equipment
  • Injection moulded components
Technical characteristics

Materials: Aluminium

Diameters: 3.2 mm., 4.0 mm., y 4.8 mm.

Heads: Dome head.

AluminumLacquering, anodising and organic coating (Delta Seal)
Name Body Mandrel Dome Large Countersunk
Grooved Aluminium Steel