BRALO expands its range of types of Structural rivets in Catalog 2021, so you can learn about their differences and the applications where they are placed.


As experts in fasteners, we already had the Structural range in aluminum, steel and also, stainless steel, rivets with high resistance to traction and shear.

Hardlock rivets, ideal for thin veneers and designed to solve knocking and vibration problems.

Therefore, thanks to their effective retention of the head of the shank.

And the Hardgrip rivets, the smallest in the structural range, but also with great resistance and good hole filling, especially for hard plastics and thin sheets.


Due to the demands placed on us by customers for more demanding sectors, BRALO proposed designing new types of structural rivets:

  • Starting with the Multilock rivet, it is a structural rivet that is distinguished by a grooved shoulder on the shank, which provides good hole filling in all applications.

In addition, it achieves greater resistance to vibrations even in those applications with oversized holes.

In other words, the Multilock rivet arises for the convenience of the client so as not to have to use a special nozzle.

As is the case with the BRALO Structural rivet.

Therefore, it is aimed at all applications of this rivet.

  • The next fastening is the G-Bra rivet, which is a design that combines characteristics of the Hardlock and Hardgrip rivets.

So, it is intended for bodies and structures that require high resistance too.

The R&D team looks for the crimps on the head and the entire slotted shank, to allow the head to be fully retained by mechanical locking.

  • And to complete the types of structural rivets, at BRALO we look for the most resistant fastening on the market, certainly the Estrubolt rivet is.

The Estrubolt rivet has a special approach for applications subjected to high loads, such as:

Military vehicles, train wagons, bridges, vehicle suspension, solar trackers …

In conclusion, all of them are industries where durable and highly reliable fastening is required.

Without forgetting that all these sectors need large rivets, with diameters from 6.4 to 19 mm, BRALO manages to meet the industry standards.

types of structural rivets


Thanks to the experience of more than forty years in the market. the value of customer orientation has been improved.

As a result at BRALO we have increased the range of types of structural rivets.

We seek to satisfy the needs of our clients and for that reason, we put our entire design team at your service to adapt to your industry.